Apply to be a Guest

We are looking for parents to present their parenting conundrums to Maribeth for a recorded session to be used in a podcast.

Is your child struggling with tantrums?
Are you worried your child is anxious?
Do you have trouble bonding with your child?

Maribeth Henry will address your concerns in an anonymous, recorded 30 minute session and at least one follow-up session.

You will have access to Mrs. Henry's highly sought after parenting guidance and in exchange we will be able to use your audio to help countless more parents who we hope will listen. Learn more about Mrs. Henry here.

We are looking for parents who have diverse cultures, backgrounds, and situations. The more detailed you can be on this submission, the better.

  • Sessions will be recorded in Southern California and interviewees must be able to travel to the recording studio on their own.
  • Applicants must commit to at least two sessions over a one year period.
  • Guests are not clients of Mrs. Henry, they are interview guests for the podcast.
  • We anticipate many applications and we're sorry we cannot take everyone.

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Including cultural, socioeconomic, parenting style background. Anything that may be relevant.
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