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Get Physical - Jay | 20

Jay is frustrated that his three-year-old Ace is starting to hit when he’s upset. He doesn’t know how to help him and is losing his patience with Ace’s tantrums. Ace has showed that he craves physical interactions with his dad but Jay is hesitant to engage in play fighting as he does not want to encourage violent play or behavior outside the home.

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Accepting Their Choices - Edwin | 19

Gus is a stay-at-home dad balancing three young kids. In this episode, he needs help with his middle child and only son, Ivan. Ivan seemingly ignores Gus and his wife when they ask him to do something he doesn’t want to do. They’ve tried threats, pleading, and punishment but nothing seems to work.

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Trying New Things - Joe | 17

Joe wants his daughter to be more open to trying new things. He exposes her to lots of experiences but doesn't know how to transition her to take the leap with trying something new. Maribeth tries to guide Joe through strategies to expose her to new activities depending on what type of learner she is. She also points out that his daughter is trying activities, mastering them, and making strides in her own way.

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