Ep. 4 Family Time - Jane



Jane and her husband have four children. She feels guilty because the family is spending less and less time together as a unit. This is the second part of a three-part series from a group recording.

Jane is taking her children to an overnight trip to Disneyland while the eldest son has to go to school. She feels awful about splitting the family for activities but it has become more necessary as their schedules get busier.

Maribeth encourages Jane to be direct and collaborative in the decision making process when it comes to how the family splits their time. "These are the dilemmas that we have that were thinking about and these are the dilemmas our children can learn from."

Maribeth also gives some controversial advice. She strongly suggests carving out one full day a week to stay at home together as a family (without guests). This is not a time to entertain the kids, rather a time to reconnect as a family and prepare for the week ahead.

*Apologies for the sound quality this episode, and the whistling breathing sound of a baby. We're still learning!

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Printable Weekly Family Calendar

Jane is juggling the schedule for a family of six. It's tough to manage the modern family schedule. In this episode, Maribeth encourages Jane to bring her children into the process of managing a schedule instead of dictating it to them. Print out this weekly schedule and sit down with your family to fill it out every week. Use different color pens for each family member.

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