Ep. 8 Tempers - Dad's Group


The dad's group continues with its final episode as the fathers share about how their children's tempers flare. Griff opens the podcast talking about how his journey recognizing his own temper and how he's worried he has passed it on to his son. Maribeth wants to make sure Griff's son is given permission to express his feelings.

Gus is concerned about his two-and-a-half year old's new habit of hitting his sister when he doesn't get his way. Maribeth suggests some language to curb the behavior and slow things down.

After the segment on tempers, we close the dad group session with Edwin, who doesn't know how to handle it when his son seems to be rejecting him. He took his son on a Boy Scout camping trip and was hoping for some bonding time, but was disappointed when his seven-year-old just wanted to hang out with his friends. Maribeth breaks it to him that a trip like that is not going to be as much of a bonding experience as a chance to support and observe your child.

There is a question from the Facebook Group to cap off the episode. The questioner wants to know how to handle it when you're at a playdate and your kid is not playing well with others.