Home Visit - Sylvia and Adam


We revisit Sylvia and Adam from episode 1 as Maribeth goes to visit them at home along with their daughter Ava and her grandma Alexandra. The family is still in transition, staying with Alexandra as their house continues construction. Adam's back surgery and recovery adds another layer of transition to their time since the first recording.

All the changes created some behavior issues with Ava but Sylvia and Adam were able to identify and address them more quickly because of the strategies they learned from the first session. The didn't shield Ava from Adam's back surgery and visited the hospital often. She took up the role of caretaker and Maribeth praises them for including her in his healing process. She learned a great deal of empathy from the experience.

Alexandra has a question for Maribeth about her role in the family when Ava is having a tantrum or is upset. Ava often yells for grandma to come to her while she's upset. Sylvia and Adam have decided that Ava needs to work through this without grandma since grandma will not be there when they move out. Maribeth suggests that they include grandma when she's asked for while still backing up Sylvia and Adam. Ava will see that she is supported and her parents' position is supported as well.

Sylvia asks for advice on how to help Ava identify and express her feelings. Maribeth suggests using a feelings chart to identify her feelings and then discuss what would help when she's not feeling well.

Sylvia also wants to know what to do about Ava repeatedly saying the word "poop." Maribeth reassures that it's completely normal and how they don't have to suppress her from saying it but redirect it so she does it in an appropriate place.

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