The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree - Claire


Claire comes to Maribeth worried about her 11 year old daughter Liv. Claire carries a great deal of mom guilt about how she may contribute to Liv's anxiety and Maribeth talks her through some strategies to connect with her daughter.

Claire's family has moved recently and her kids started at new schools. They were doing well, but she recently noticed a patch of missing hair which was progressively growing on her daughter's head. She found out her daughter was picking and pulling her hair. She believes it's from anxiety and feels guilty about any part she has played in it.

Claire is a perfectionist and worries she is judging her children too harshly. Maribeth assures her that her feelings that she has passed on a great deal of positive qualities. She asks Claire to think back to herself as an 11 year old, what she valued, and what she considered fun. Claire enjoyed finding purpose in helping people, and Maribeth encourages Claire to allow Liv to find her purpose outside her home.

Liv is a quiet kid, which is why Claire was surprised when she decided to run for class president. When she and her husband sat down to help Claire with her speech, they clashed over the contents, tears were shed, and Claire decided not to do it.

Maribeth offers advice on connecting with Claire by speaking less, and connecting more with physical touch. She bluntly tells Claire that she needs to shut her mouth, and let Liv feel her, and process on her own.

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