Mind Games - Mini Episode


A question from the Facebook Group:

My daughter loves playing mind games with me since she was 1. She will be 4 in February.

She loves to ask for something (food, snack, toy) but then refuse it and throw a huge fit but throw another fit if you take it back. But you try to hand it to her a second time and she falls out on the floor again. Normally I just put it down on the counter and tell her if she wants it she can get it. Sometimes she gets it herself about 20 minutes later. It’s exhausting. The intensity goes up and down. I try to snuggle her as often as I can. (It’s rarely enough) We talk about using our words instead of whining and throwing a fit. I tell her I’m not going to help her if she can’t talk to me calmly and nicely. In March we adopted our nephew. I try very hard to make sure she and her older brother get snuggles and mama time when the baby is asleep (or at least content). But she has been this way before he came. I joke that she is emotionally abusive. 😬

Also, she is potty trained and will go by herself when she is at preschool. At home she wants me to walk with her and wipe her and sometimes refuses to turn the light on herself. I assume it’s a way of her saying “I still own you” because of the baby. As you can imagine it involves a lot of fits and if I tell her to go on her own and when she is done I’ll help her she will stand there holding herself until I get up to walk her to the bathroom. She will wait until she is in pain and laying in the ground because she is trying to hold it. 😑
I love her but she really gets to me.

Help me Maribeth Henry! 🙏🏼