Sleep Training - Mini Episode


A question from the Facebook Group:

I need help with my 2 1/2 year old. I feel like I’ve tried everything and can’t figure this out. For over 9 months now he’s been out of the crib and in a twin bed and it has been a struggle to get him to sleep and stay put in bed since day 1.
He gets out of bed and leaves his room between 3-10 times just within the first hour of putting him to bed. He will get out of bed and come find us within in minutes and we just keep putting him back over and over again. When he actually stays in his room he starts pulling out toys and playing. Lately he’s started sneaking out of his room and going into his 5 year old brother’s room (who’s fast asleep) and starts pulling his toys out to play.
We have tried adjusting bedtimes gradually earlier and later, we’ve tried adjusting bed time routines to get him tired out, nothing works.
At this point my husband and I are so infuriated by his refusal to stay in bed we are struggling to stay calm and it becomes a power struggle after numerous attempts to put him in bed.
Just as some background he is very persistent in all areas of life. We struggle to get him to follow directions in general.
Please help! I normally have so much patience but I’m at my wits end and exhausted.